The costs incurred and involved with a Demolition Project can be substantial. For this reason, we pay you for the scrap metal that we cut and process at your premises. If you need a steel structure, mining equipment or machinery removed, Dalcorp Metal and Demolishing (Pty) Ltd will expertly manage all the aspects of your project. Our expert teams downsize steel of all shapes and sizes by means of cutting and then processing these materials for recycling.

  • We have all the necessary equipment to provide our customers with quality service
  • Removing of all ferrous scrap metal from site
  • Transportation and removal of scrap metal materials
  • All materials cut and processed on Site
  • Supervision at all times during above mentioned
  • All safety requirements will be in place during removal of this material at all times
  • Weighing of material with weighbridge slips and weights on SANAS approved scales/ weighbridges
  • All materials leaving site will be weighed on SANAS approved scales/ weighbridges


We procure all ferrous and non-ferrous materials which include:
  • Copper 1A Copper, Shiny Bright, Copper Solids, Tinned Copper, Mixed Copper, Copper Shavings etc.
  • Aluminum Extrusions, Old Rolled and Cast
  • Batteries , Gun Metal, Zinc & Lead
  • Stainless Steel
  • Tungsten Mining Tungsten, Tungsten Tooling, Tungsten Wear Parts etc.
  • Steel A-grade Steel, Blue Steel, Steel General, Steel Wire Products & Sub-grade Steel

Processing of all Ferrous & Non-Ferrous materials:

We can process all ferrous and non-ferrous materials at our premises.  All materials to be processed can be delivered to our premises or collections can also be arranged.  Should you require any unclean materials such as electric motors, copper cabling, unclean aluminium, unclean brass, unclean stainless, unclean copper and oversized steel to be processed we can process the material by means of lancing, gas cutting, plasma cutting etc.